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Krasnarus flag.png
Flag of the Šlovedk people
Total population
~25 million
Regions with significant populations
Krasnarus 16,661,392
Caputia 7,000,000
Coria 1,232,849
Shireroth 50,000
Jingdao 45,909
Roman Catholicism, Church of the Bulgarians, Sunni Islam

Šlovedks are a Slavic ethnic group native to Krasnarus, a territory of Nedland on Micras. It is estimated that between 50 and 75% of Šlovedks are actually culturally assimilated Anticans. Despite this, Šlovedks still constitute a 47% plurality of Krasnarus.


There is a huge Šlovedk immigrant community in Caputia, composed of around 7 million individuals. In addition, there are smaller Šlovedk refugee and indentured communities in Shireroth and Jingdao, as well as many in neighboring Coria.

There were 15,620,569 Šlovedks in Albion, 744,073 in Sylvania, 208,437 in Phedodah, and 88,313 in the Paribian Isles as of the 2018 Krasnarusyn intermediary report. 37.3% of the population were living in poverty, including 50.0% of children. 93.2% were employed, and 24.0% of the population over age 26 had secondary education degrees.