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Jodha Avchat

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Jodha Avchat
Full name Jodha Avchat
Physical information
Species Human
Race Aryasht
Gender Female
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Rajesh Avchat
Mother Rani Champavati
Date of birth 1670
Place of birth Keruliya, The Green
Residence(s) Agra
Nationality Çakari
Allegiance(s) Çakaristan
Occupation Sultana of Çakaristan

Jodha (Arboric: جودا; Adarani: जोधा), full name: Jodha Avchat , is wife of Akbar, the sultan of Çakaristan. As a result, she became sultana.

Jodha was born on 3.VII.1670 AN in Caerulea. She is the eldest daughter of Rajesh Avchat and Rani Champavati.

Akbar and Jodha at the coronation

Marriage and family

She was offered in marriage to the future ruler of Çakaristan by her father. Because Abu Çakar was chosen as a sultan, she married him. This marriage was a sign of her father's subordination to his sultanic ruler. The marriage was formally contracted on the day of the coronation and after Akbar recovered from the attack, an official wedding ceremony was held.

Rumours from the court revealed that initially Akbar and Jodha did not have a full-fledged marriage, but later it turned out that the arranged marriage resulted in love after all. The first time the couple were expecting, it turned out that things were not going well. After a revelation from the Craitgod, the marriage turned out to be strong.

The couple was blessed with children:


View over Lake Jodha

The lake, where her hometown is located, was named after Jodha: Lake Jodha. The choice of name is a political compromise, but the local residents are proud of the name.