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Salim Çakar

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Salim Çakar
Full name Salim Çakar
Physical information
Species Human
Race Aryasht and Hasani
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Akbar Çakar
Mother Jodha Avchat
Date of birth 1696
Place of birth Agra
Residence(s) Agra
Nationality Çakari
Allegiance(s) Çakaristan
Occupation Nawab of Çakaristan

Salim (Arboric: سليم; Adarani: सलीम), full name: Salim Çakar, is the third child of Akbar Çakar and Jodha Avchat. He was born on 24.XII.1696 in the Red Fortress in Agra. As the son of the sultan he received the title Nawab at his birth. The name Salim means "peaceful".