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Erwin V.H. began his micronational life in the First Republic of Flanders in late 1999, where he created the radical party Vlaamse Aktie (VA, Flemish Action). Its program was mainly about making Flanders a (purely) Dutch-speaking nation. At that time Flanders was officially bilingual, but in practice English had precedence.

Almost immediately he was able to enter the government, where he was equally soon ousted by the conservatives (VND) after the elections had showed they didn't need him for a majority.

A few months later V.H.'s VA merged with Vlaamse Vrijheid en Eenheid (VVE, Flemish Freedom and Unity) of Steven Burvenich to form the Vlaamse VolksDemocraten (VVD, Flemish Popular Democrats). Being a more moderate party, the VVD became one of the most succesfull parties within the First Republic of Flanders. Though never able to outscore the conservative VND, the VVD entered the government in late 2000, and remained part of the government untill the collapse of the first Republic.

At first reluctant to take on executive power again when the VVD became part of the government, circumstances forced V.H. to become secretary, vice-Chancellor (the Chancellor being the head of government) and in the end lead the government himself as Chancellor.

In August-September 2004 he was one of the two co-founders of the Second Republic of Flanders. As such he was rewarded with the position of temporary Head of State. In those first months he formed the socialdemocrat SP.ES (Socialist Party. Unity in Solidarity). Winning the second presidential elections in July 2005, he became President, a position which he succesfully defended against challenger Gert Geens in March 2006.

His party bleeding to death slowly over the time, he recently joined a new socialist formation, the Socialistische Partij (SP, Socialist Party).

V.H. currently leads his seventh cabinet as President.

Erwin V.H. was also active in the Virtual United Provinces and its successors, where he was a member of the Revolutionary Council and later held the position of Chief Justice from 2007 until 2011.