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Margaery des Vinandy

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Margaery des Vinandy

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Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Arcadian
Hair Color and Style: blond
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white
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Biographical Information

Father: Gustavus Maurits des Vinandy
Mother: Paulien van Battenburg
Date of Birth: 1619
Place of Birth: Schaarlecht
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Current Residence(s): Schaarlecht, Beneluccas
Nationality at Birth: Flemish
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Occupation: Princess of the Beneluccas

Margaery des Vinandy (born in Schaarlecht, 1619 AN) is Princess of the Beneluccas since 1673 AN. Before that, she was Queen of the Beneluccas. Since the death of her brother, Gustavus des Vinandy, in 1680 AN, she became Regent of Arcadia, while her distant cousin, Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, became King of Arcadia.

Early life

Margaery was born a daughter of Gustavus Maurits des Vinandy and Paulien van Battenburg, the youngest descendant of the House of Vinandy, the Gustavus Line. She was born and grew up in the large mansion on the Estate Chogogo near Schaarlecht.

After finishing high school in Schaarlecht, she went to study in Bruswerpen. In addition she went to study in Avaldsnes. After that she made a tour in Shireroth, mainly in the areas of present-day Batavia and Francia. Eventually she went to live and work in Schaarlecht.


After the Republic of Flanders fell in 1649 AN, an uncertain time arose for the Beneluccas. In 1667 AN the Kingdom of the Benneluccas was founded. The Congress of the Beneluccas came together to reunite the archipelago. They were looking for a head of state, in which the House of Vinandy was an important contender.

Margaery was chosen because she was considered the most capable. Her brother was king of Arcadia for just a few years. Although she is well versed in state law, she has difficulty with the politics around it. When in 1673 AN the opportunity arose to merge the Beneluccas with Arcadia, she could concentrate on the governance of the islands. This changed when her brother died and she was appointed Regent of Arcadia.

Personal life

Her personal life is largely protected behind closed doors. It is known that she had no relationships until she was shipwrecked and ended up on Narvik beach. She fell in love with Thorstein Noah and is, since 1682, engaged to him.