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House of Vinandy-Windsor

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House of Vinandy-Windsor
Country Batavia
Cadet branch N/A
Founder Constantijn Windsor
Final ruler N/A
Current head Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor
Founding year 1575 AN
Dissolution N/A
Deposition N/A
Ethnicity Batavian

The House of Vinandy-Windsor is a Batavian princely family, originally from Windsor. This cadet branch of the House of Windsor and House of Vinandy was created at the marriage of Constantijn Windsor and Fränzi-Ferdinanda des Vinandy and was designated as a separate family branch due to the ascension of Fränzi-Ferdinanda as queen of Batavia. From 1675 and onwards, Nicholas became the first Duke of an independent Duchy of Leylstadt.

In 1578, Fränzi-Ferdinanda abdicated in favor of Antonius Frederik Karel (Arkadius III des Vinandy). Later this family branch delivered monarchs: Willem des Vinandy-Windsor and Anna des Vinandy-Windsor.

Family line

House of Windsor

  • Christiaan Windsor m ?
    • Karel Windsor m. Marina van Nederburg
    • Joseph Windsor (1518–1573) m. Julia Woodrow (1520–1612)
      • Constantijn Windsor (1541 - 1626 AN) x (1575 AN) Fränzi-Ferdinanda des Vinandy-Windsor (1552 - 1577 AN) Queen of Batavia (1568 – 1577 AN) The descendants of this union are considered part of the House of Vinandy-Windsor:
        • Willem des Vinandy-Windsor (1576 – 1592 AN) King of Batavia (1588 – 1592 AN)
          • Joseph Myksos
          • Alexander Augustus Tumoto Myksos (? - 1634 AN)
        • Anna des Vinandy-Windsor Queen of Batavia (1602 – 1614 AN) x Filips van Hertenbosch
          • Heribrecht des Vinandy-Windor x Lena van Iersenare
          • Adelbrecht des Vinandy-Windsor
          • Elizabeth des Vinandy-Windsor
    • Jorgen Jonas Windsor (?–?)
    • Miguel Windsor