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Nicholas des Vinandy-Windsor

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Nicholas des Vinandy-Windsor
Portrait Nicholas I.png
Full name Nicholas des Vinandy-Windsor
AKA Nicholas I of Leylstadt
Physical information
Species Human
Race Batavian
Gender Male
Hair color and style brown
Eye color black
Skin color white
Other beard
Biographical information
Father Heribrecht des Vinandy-Windor
Mother Lena van Iersenare
Date of birth 1625 AN
Place of birth Davignon, Batavia
Date of death 1693 AN
Residence(s) Hooghehof Palace in Leylstadt
Nationality Batavian
Allegiance(s) Leylstadt
Occupation Duke of Leylstadt

Nicholas des Vinandy-Windsor, also known as Nicholas I of Leylstadt, was Duke of Leylstadt, since 1675 AN. Born as a Batavian of royal and noble line in Davignon, the younger brother of Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor, first became an entrepreneur and - in the end - funded his own expeditions into the Green to establish his own country. Once having found a place to establish his own country, he asked and received the title of Duke from Magister Pius II of the Holy Catologian Church in 1675 AN.

Personal life



While he's entitled to the noble titles the head of his House receives once his brother dies, Nicholas himself only holds the title of Duke of Leylstadt.