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Constantijn Windsor

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Constantijn Windsor (died in 1626) was a Batavian nobleman, statesman and cleric. He was the 47th Duke of Davignon, and consort to Queen of Batavia, Fränzi-Ferdinanda (1552–1577, reigned 1568–1577). He was named Archbishop of the Batavian Church in 1546.

He was since a young age active in Batavian politics, taking up a role in the Lagerhuis. He clashed with the members of the Lagerhuis several times from the political gallery. He also had a major influence within the Conservative Monarchist Party, as an advisor to chairman Alejandro Gonzalez.

Constantijn was one of the strongest proponents of Batavian warfare. He often stood on the frontline as a commanding officer. The Redoubt Island War in 1540 was his first war in which Batavia participated. It was the beginning of his military career. Since then, he has performed in the Jasonian and Gasconian Wars, among others. In the latter he had de facto all troops under his command. The siege of Heemecht in the Batavian-Cibolan Civil War was regarded as the most bloody and destructive in his entire career.

In 1548 he again ran for election to the Lagerhuis. This resulted in him becoming Minister of Knowledge and Culture and Housing in the Gonzalez I cabinet.

Marriage and children

On 3 Lentemaand 1562 AN, it was announced that Constantijn would Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda of Ravaria. This would unite the House of Vinandy and the House of Windsor. The wedding was postponed twice, first to 1568, and then to 1575 when the couple finally could join one another in marriage during a ceremony in the Cathedral of 's Koningenwaarde. Two children were born from this marriage:

  • Willem des Vinandy-Windsor (1576–1592 AN) King of Batavia (1588–1592 AN)
  • Anna des Vinandy-Windsor Queen of Batavia (1602–1614 AN) x Filips van Hertenbosch

Upon his marriage into Ravarian nobility, Constantijn was awarded the titles Prince of Ravaria, Count of Vorenstein, and Great Guardian of the Vorenstein Forest.