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Château des Vinandy

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Château des Vinandy

The Château des Vinandy rises near the eponymous town of Vinandy above the river Oer.


For centuries the castle has been the residence of the Counts of Vinandy. The castle was also the administrative center of the county of Vinandy. The Great Hall is the central room in the castle.

The castle chapel was used for private services. Below that is the burial tomb, where various members of the House of Vinandy are buried.

In 1544 AN the castle was made available to the Batavian State to serve as a museum. But that museum function did not come. In the period 1664 - 1669 AN the castle was owned by the Royal Foundation. But since 1669 AN the castle has been in the possession of the House of Vinandy. King Arkadius IV visited the castle in 1670 AN and plans to set up a Vinandy Museum there.