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Château Paravel

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Château Paravel

Château Paravel is a palace of King Arkadius IV, where he mainly stays on weekends. The white castle is located in a park on the edge of the island of Paravel. The island is located a few kilometers off the coast of Kalla and can only be reached by ship.


The island and the Château Paravel came into the hands of the House of Vinandy. At the start of the Fifth Kingdom of Batavia, the declaration of independence after this island was named: Declaration of Paravel. During the stateless period, the island and the Château were bombed.

King Arkadius IV commissioned a new castle to be built on the island, the current white castle. The old castle is still visible as a ruin and is preserved as such. Next to the castle there is a marina and golf course on the island.