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Symbol of Craitism with the phrase "There is one god, Craitgod" in Arboric

Craitism is a Micrasian religion that teaches that there is only one god, the Craitgod.


Pre-Umaric parallels

In 1596, the Ecclestial Academy of Pentapolis, located in South Batavia, published Craitmans Prayer, analogous to the Lord's Prayer. This laid the basis for a South Batavian, and later panmicran custom to refer to Craitman as Craitgod. The Calbain Church recognises the god Craitmyn as one of the eight gods that emerged after the death of Cato. This custom dates back from the arrival of Jack de Montfort, who took the adoration of Craitman from rituals prevalent in rural South Batavian Catologism. In the Stripping Path, Craitgod is counted among The Other Hosts.


After the fall of the High Realm of Stormark on Micras and the Franco-Batavian Empire a religious vacuum arose, because many survivors were left behind in defeat. Couldn't their god have prevented this? The Holy Catologian Church tried by a message on morality to get a foothold in the new Francia, now the Emirate of Arbor. There was the threat of a large-scale secularization, which alarmed the brand new state. The balance of powers, which the Holy Catologian Church took care of in the field of spirituality, was in danger of being disrupted.

A radical change came when Umar ibn Al-Farooq claimed to have received a revelation. He proclaimed that the Craitgod is the only and true god. Soon Umar gained a large following and a new religion arose, the Craitism. In the capital of the emirate, Al-Hamra, the Dome of Peace (Arboric: قبة السلام) was dedicated to the Craitgod.


The cooperation between the Emirate of Arbor and the Ultimate Çakar Sultanate brought Craitism into the Apollonian continent. The continent of Craitland, the destination of pilgrims. Soon after their foundation, both Arbor and Sylvania (now: Çakaristan) signed a treaty with Craitland to make pilgrimages possible.

Articles of faith


The creed of Craitism is: "There is one god, Craitgod" (Arboric: إله كريت يوجد إله واحد). This credo is repeated in prayers.


The following principles are the basis for the religious practices of Craitism:

  • There is only one god, Craitgod
  • Proclaim peace, avoid as much conflict as possible
  • Seek justice, do justice
  • Reject and fight Livvist's evil, but be merciful when they repent of their evil

Acts of worship

All Craitists are expected to perform the following acts of faith:

  • Say the testimony daily, that is the credo
  • Pray in the direction of Cherry Trees, the home of the great Craitgod
  • Embark on a pilgrimage to Cherry Trees at least once in your life


Craitism is a fictional religion that borrows cultural elements from Islam. But is more of an equivalent to the Prince Philip movement. Craitism is not Islam, nor is it a derivative or copy.