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Şahan I

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Şahan I
King Sahan.jpeg
Full name Şahangökbaharx
Physical information
Species Human
Race Male
Hair color and style Blond
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Ytro I
Mondo (stepfather)
Mother Unknown
Anastasia (adopted mother)
Spouse Enhei m. 1717
Children Ytro (born 1719)
Anastasia the younger (born 1720)
Date of birth 1698
Nationality Akhidia, Mondosphere
Occupation King

Şahan I, born as Prince Şahangökbaharx in 1698, is the elected King of Akhidia (since 1706). He is the only son and child of King Ytro I. The name of his mother is unknown. He was, however, raised by Ytro and his wife Anastasia, whom Ytro married the year after Şahan's birth. After Ytro's death in 1702, Şahan moved with Anastasia to the Mondosphere, as she had married Mondo. At this point, Anastasia also adopted Şahan as her own son.

As a four year old, he was known as the heaviest prince in Akhidia of his age, being 4 years old and 29 kilos. He has since regained a more normal stature.

Prince Şahangökbaharx in 1702

In 1706, a rump assembly elected him king, under the regal name Şahan I. At this point, he competed with King Matthew and King Neil over the undoubted kingship of Akhidia. Şahan's supporters were mainly found in the southern peninsula, the islands of the inland sea, and Naval and Zezo-Goturg.

On 14.V.1717, he was betrothed to Princess Enhei of Shireroth in a ceremony organized by and attended by the Kaiseress in Maltenstein. They then married in Maltenstein on 5.VI.1717 in the presence of the Kaiseress, before returning to Akhidia to face the celebrant people in various traditional Akhidian ceremonies. Their son, Ytro, was born two years later. About a year and a half later, his wife gave birth to Anastasia the younger, his daughter.