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Ytro I

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Ytro I
Ytro I.png
Full name Ytro I
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style   straight
Eye color Black
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Wenneqk II
Mother Nadia IV
Date of birth 1637 AN
Place of birth Gera
Date of death 1702 AN
Residence(s) Ferdnek in Mighi
Nationality Akhidian
Allegiance(s)   Akhidia
Occupation Kingdom of Akhidia

Ytro I was a politician and King of Akhidia. He was born in Gera in 1637 AN. Ytro I was born in the palace of Zremlan, his date of birth is 1637. The exact month of his birth is not known. Ytro I was known as a characteristically sassy person; Akhidia is famous for the luxury items inside. As a child, he lived under the pressure of the royal family and attended the most luxurious private schools. In his teens, he began to lean towards prohibitions and organize expensive parties. Some prohibited items were used at parties, which led to frequent police raids, but he had immunity. He is said to have established his connection with Al-Ramo in his twenties, which is why he was popularly called the treacherous king.

He was a Raspur Pact fan.

At a young age, he began to break more and more rules in his luxury life and parties, allegedly obtained from Al-Ramo, especially in the field of women's trafficking. When Akhidia was founded, he declared himself king with his brothers. Declaring himself king caused controversy among his brothers and the people. Currently, there are many dissidents against him.

Ytro I was unmarried but had a child, Şahangökbaharx, with an unnamed girlfriend. At the same time, he had another girlfriend Anastasia. Anastasia often roamed around with the king and was famous for her flamboyant life. She and Ytro married after Şahangökbaharx's birth.

He was imprisoned a few times because he was too spoiled, the first time he was imprisoned for 8 months after and initial 1 month.

As Ytro I grew older, he began to admire Jingdao and its allies quite a bit. He was a big fan of Akbar I's policies. He was overjoyed with the establishment of the Great Apollonian Empire. Velen III, on the other hand, verbally quarrelled that day, as he was a staunch Raspur Pact fan. Also, Ytro I was polysexual.

Ytro I died in 1702 due to cirrhosis, and since Şahangökbaharx was a child, Prince Edward took his place.