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Velen III

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Velen III
Full name Velen III
Physical information
Species Human
Race Akhidia
Gender Male
Hair color and style   straight
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Wenneqk II
Mother Nadia IV
Date of birth 1643 AN
Place of birth Gera
Date of death 1700 AN
Place of death Mighi
Residence(s) Ferdnek in Mighi
Nationality Akhidian
Allegiance(s)   Akhidia
Occupation Kingdom of Akhidia

Velen III is a politician and Kings of Akhidia of Akhidia. He He was born in Gera in 1643 AN. Velen III was born in the palace of Zremlan, his date of birth is 1643. The month he was born in is unknown. He was to be executed as a child by his father Wenneqk II. Wenneqk II tried to kill him by sending a poisonous king crown, but the news reached Nadia IV, then Nadia prevented it and lived on. At the age of 19, she was knocked unconscious when the soldiers rebelled. and he was kidnapped and when he returned he didn't have a kidney anymore. He got married at the age of 21 and had 2 children at the age of 22. Their names are Gibhi and Jabbas, and in 1698 AN he founded Akhidia with his brothers.

Velen III, who was preparing an assassination attempt against Ytro I, was killed by a blind bullet while fleeing the area. Velen III was not given a burial due to dynastic rules. After Velen III after his body was burned, the items in his room and his throne were removed.