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Flag of the Al-Ramo
Founded 1670s
Type Revolutionary army
Repertoire Terrorism, Guerrilla warfare
Headquarters Nehim
Size 11,000
Motto Pray to Three Colour flag and Reber

Al-Ramo (Akhidia despises the organization by calling it RAMTO) is a Nazi guerrilla organization that exists in the green parts of Central Cibola , usually on the Gera Islands. Al-Ramo is usually run by a twelve-member board and its chairman is Reber Depertan.

Al-Ramo is actually a branch of the NPF that has been split into various factions. The organization is very well structured, it has its own divisions and even assignments within the army. It is estimated that Al-Ramo infiltrated the Akhidian state and army very well.

Al-Ramo has been involved in various heinous crimes, such as brutal executions and trafficking in women. Drug trafficking was the main source of income for Al-Ramo, but the Akhidia state legalized drugs and banned the consumption of all non-state-produced products to cut off the source of income. Al-Ramo therefore suffered a major economic downturn towards the end of the 1690s. Al-Ramo has established sects of various religions within Akhidia and earns an incredible amount of money by using religion through the sects.

It would be a heavy blow for Al-Ramo to lose Firginh, the last city-state on the mainland of Cibola, Al-Ramo lost sixty percent of its arsenal. It was further weakened as a result of the operations of the Akhidian army to the Gera Islands. Al-Ramo's troop count dropped to less than 500 as Washarraxest agents killed 3,500 people in one night. He died in his own harem as a result of Reber Depertan's excessive intake of sex pills, and was dissolved after Al-Ramo's last soldiers were transferred to Waffen-GNP.