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Treaty of Fort Ermingander

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Negotiations & signing ceremony

Having been initially negotiated in 1703 AN, the text was recovered from the archives of the Commission for Foreign Affairs in 1716 AN as the negotiations for the Treaty of Oktavyan approached their conclusion. Attaining signatures for the treaty became a priority of paramount importance after agents in Northbloom reported that Mondo was beginning to undertake steps to repudiate the former protectorate arrangement overseen by the Benacian Union and Kalgachia.

The formal signing ceremony took place on 20.VII.1716 AN following the arrival of a delegation from the Benacian Union, headed by Commissioner Ayesha al-Osman, at Ermingander Village in the night before.


The Expedition of the Benacian Union into Northbloom, and the distinguished personage known as Mondo, having come into contact with one another at Fort Ermingander, and finding their interests to be coincident, do desire to formalise and secure their cordial feelings, they have appointed as their plenipotentiaries, for the High Presidium of the Benacian Union, formerly, His Serenity the agha Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman sahib, and latterly Her Serenity Ayesha al-Osman, and Mondo, who, having exchanged their accreditations and finding them to be in good form, have agreed as follows:

Article 1. The Benacian Union and Mondo recognize the other's sovereignty and right to self-rule of its state, its peoples, and its government institutions.

Article 2. The Benacian Union and Mondo recognise one another as the rightful owner of all territory that they claim, noting in so doing the special situation that exists in the territory of Northbloom.

Article 3. The Benacian Union and Mondo commit to resolve all mutual disputes peacefully, using a neutral third party agreed to by both should this prove impossible by normal channels.

Article 4. The Benacian Union and realms subject to Mondo shall remain open and accessible to tourists and other visitors from one another, barring national emergencies or other such security issues.

Article 5. The Benacian Union and Mondo shall have proper and open channels of communication so to facilitate dialogue and future cooperation. The Benacian Union shall maintain legations in the realms subject to Mondo. Mondo may appoint representatives of his separate realms to the Benacian Union, either separately or in a consolidated form.

Article 6. The realms of Etzeland, Riskai, Sangun, Varmland, and Northbloom, subject to Mondo, shall signal their adherence to Raspur Pact from the date of this agreement, regulating the freedom of movement, freedom of trade, and mutual guarantees concerning the security of both parties.

Article 7. The Benacian Union, with the coming into effect of this agreement, makes a free transfer of Entity 4279 (“Obedience Cat”) into the custody of Mondo.

Article 8. Mondo shall construct and furnish a Gravnought in the Benacian Union livery, to be paid for by the Benacian Union a third at commencement, a third at completion, and the final third upon taking possession of the craft. The agreed price for the Gravnought to be determined ahead of commencement by commissioners appointed by both parties.

Article 9. Horses reared on farms of the Benacian Union shall be led into the realms subject to Mondo and offered to the necromancers for sacrifice under their supervision, or else to be allowed to graze under the care of the latter for the remainder of their natural life. At the request of Mondo, every effort shall be made to ensure that these horses lived “happy lives” prior to their final journey. Horse dealers registered in the Benacian Union may also offer to the representatives of Mondo any deceased animals of their stock for consideration, subject to the aforementioned requirement.

Article 10. Mondo undertakes to use his powers sparingly, so as to ensure that the land does not become filled with revenants as before.

Article 11. Notwithstanding the above preceding article, Mondo shall raise in Northbloom a regiment of unliving mountain infantry whose number shall not exceed two thousand (2,000) souls.

Article 12. Gifts of Cibolan Gold to the officials and high representatives of the Benacian Union from the realms subject to Mondo shall indeed be most welcome.

Article 13. Representatives of Mondo, subject to forty-eight hours prior notification to the hosting authorities, may conduct tours of &zeter or Sansabury for the purpose of identifying properties and antiquities of the Minarborian era such as may be of interest to Mondo which he may purchase and transfer into his realms, by such means as he is best able, at his discretion.

Article 14. The Benacian Union and Mondo shall not engage in or sponsor any covert or overt military activity against the peoples or government institutions of the other.

Article 15. The Benacian Union and Mondo agree upon the need to revisit the provisions of the Treaty of Gloomburg negotiated between the Unified Governorates of Benacia and the Garden of Kalgachia.

Article 16. This treaty may only be amended, revised, enlarged and expanded upon the concurrence of both signatory parties. Any contrary action or measure shall be null and void.

Article 17. This treaty shall enter into force upon ratification of both signatories in accordance with their respective customs and practice.

Article 18. The signatory parties may repeal this treaty on the condition of a notice of one year according to the Norton calendar.