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Commission for Foreign Affairs

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The Commission for Foreign Affairs is a constituent body of the High Presidium of the Benacian Union with executive responsibility for the shaping and implementation of the foreign policy of the Benacian Union, as mandated by the High Presidium and the Congress of Chryse.


The Commission of Foreign Affairs was the government authority of the Elwynnese Republic responsible for Elwynn's foreign relations and visa policies. It was one of the three commissions of the Court of the Prince. The Commission was disrupted by the Second Elwynnese Civil War and effectively ceased to function as a consequence of the Scouring. As of 1699 AN, responsibility for such matters was surrendered to the High Presidium of the Benacian Union.

On 7.X.1715 AN, Salbnan Linda Kamilla Silje, legatine head of mission in Ransenar (1699 AN–1711) and Salbnan Domnik Grifos, legatine head of mission in Batavia (1702 AN1715 AN, were assigned as civil legates to head the External Service of the Benacian Union.