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Ermingander Village

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Ermingander Village
Nation: Northbloom Northbloom
Population: <10,000 (est 1719 AN)
Predominant language: Istvanistani, Laqi

Main roads: Main Street
Major districts: Village Green, Embassy Row, University Campus

Current mayor: Gerard Spooner
Map versions: 17.7.9 -

Ermingander Village, known locally as The Village, is a small settlement in Benacia. Extending along the main road to Fort Ermingander, it functions as the administrative capital of Northbloom, and by virtue of being the primary residence of Mondo, the de facto capital of the Mondosphere.

A contemporary tourist guide to Benacia had this description of Ermingander Village:

With its olde-world cottages jostling incongrously alongside hyper-modern amenities that would grace the streets of any contemporary capital city, it looks like a colony from the future has crashed landed in the midst of a sleepy estate village. The impression is more of a theme park than a town, albeit one standing in mad isolation from a population centre sufficient to render it even remotely viable.


Fort Ermingander, Minarborian-era redoubt and lair of Mondo Etzeterra.

Fort Ermingander

Situated on a hill to the north of the village is Fort Ermingander, a former Minarborian artillery fort converted into a baroque palace. The stronghold and principle residence of Mondo Etzeterra, Fort Ermingander is usually closed to visitors.

Village Green

A series of imposing gothic edifices and high-rise buildings line the edge of the Village Green, an extensive landscaped park. Major points of interest include:

  • Ermingander Village Museum: a public museum of art, culture and science;
  • Ermingander Village Opera House: a multi-venue performing arts centre;
  • Ermingander Village Store: a major department store.

Embassy Row

As its name suggests, Embassy Row is home to the embassies of foreign governments, as well as Northbloom's foreign ministry and the legations of the various Mondosphere countries.

University Campus

Ermingander Village University occupies a substantial campus on the edge of the village. The heart of the campus is the university's Senate House, located next to the central court of &zeter College and the University Library, which also serves as the legal deposit for Northbloom. A science and technology parks adjoins the campus alongside the main road to the airport.



Ermingander Village is connected to the Kalgachi rail network and is the northern terminus of the Benacian Union Kalgachia Aligned Corridor Exchange.


The settlement is served by Ermingander Village International Airport.