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The Hanwen u-Brida ("Way of Life"), shortened to the Brida ("Life") is a chanted song traditional to the Hurmudans. It was agreed at the Peace of Cashma in 576 AN, when the Hurmu tribes agreed to refrain from violence and establish unity among themselves. Thereafter it was transmitted orally from generation to generation unchanged.

The chant is the national anthem of Hurmu.

Text (traditional translation)

We are Hurmu.

We want people to be happy.
We are Hurmu.

We say love is beautiful and strong.
We are Hurmu.

We are equal.
We have same value.
We have same privalages.
We are Hurmu.

We want peace.
We want no wars.
We want evil to be conquered by goodness.
We are Hurmu.

We have right to belong to faith.
We know science can’t expalin all.
We shall respect people of faith.
We are Hurmu.

We can be different.
We still remain in union.
We love everyone.
We respect differences.
We are Hurmu.

We shall seek friends.
We shall keep them.
We know that friends enrich lives.
We shall have good friends.
We are Hurmu.

We are born young from mothers.
We cherish parents.
We respect them.
We have been given life from them.
We are Hurmu.

We say karjak-ka are the crown of creation.
We can be said to be karjak-ka.
We say because of that,
We have a responsibility to take care of creation.
We are Hurmu.

We have the privelage of education.
We must use it.
We know that from education,
We can see two sides of all.
We seek objectivity.
We are Hurmu.

We see misery in worlds.
We want people to see hope.
We want solidarity.
We know that true solidarity is when
We give up esstential stuff for someone else.
We shall help one and another.
We are Hurmu.