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The Jawnetka (Lontinian for "horse people"), also known as the Lontinians, are the nomadic indigenous people of Lontinien. Historically also known as Tartars.

Related culturally, linguistically, and genetically to the Silver Yak Horde. The Jawnetka have for the last 200 years practised a form of pacifism. Their religion, derived from the Aryashti one, teaches compassion with all creatures. Although eating meat for sustenance, they do not hunt. Instead they herd yaks (two tribes) and muskox (one tribe).

The reputation for pacifism, and aversion to the hunt, has led to the Jawnetka being considered as "everyman's prey". Continually pursued by brigands and slavers, as well as bride and horse snatching parties from the more warlike tribes of the steppe and taiga, the Jawnetka have been forced from time to time to shed blood in the defence of kith and kin. Nonetheless the precepts of their religion and the cultural taboos derived thereof, placed the Jawnetka at a disadvantage in a violent world.