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Davit Teimuraz

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Davit Teimuraz
Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan
1676 –1684
Supreme Judge Clara Sundara
Preceded by Kamil Gavrilov
Succeeded by Kamil Gavrilov
Born 1636, Bajkir, Minarboria
Political Party Modani People's Union
Profession Lawyer, pro-Humanist activist
Alma mater Imperial State University of Malarboria, Drakorda

Davit Teimuraz, the former Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan, is an Archon of the First Degree for the Nationalist & Humanist Party in Western Natopia.

He was born under Minarborian sovereignty in Bajkir under the rule of the lichs. By the time he graduated college, his homeland had thrown off the undead overlords and was now subjected to the daemonic corruptions of Malarboria and Kizzy Drakland.

During the Humanist Reaction he became a Humans-Only activist, working with the new government of the State of Modan, to ensure neither undead or daemons could come to power again, even at the expense of non-human sapient creatures. After the collapse of the State of Modan, and during the Kalirion Fracture he softened his Humanist views and founded the Modani People's Union, which couched his Humanist views in populist ideology more palatable to the new Natopian overlords of Drak-Modan.

As the people of Drak-Modan began to tire and bristle under their Natopian rulers, Teimuraz publically affiliated his Modani People's Union with the international organization of the Nationalist and Humanist Party. With the backing of the N&H, and a closer military cooperative with the UGB Teimuraz was able to slowly gain seats in The Fury until gaining a majority in 1676 securing the chancellorship.

Negotiating with Clara Sundara during the Drak-Modani Abdication Crisis, Davit Teimuraz was able to secure power for himself and his party while allowing nominal Natopian allied support and assurances to remain in the Raspur Pact and the Natopian currency union, and to protect civil liberties of the Drak-Modani people. His opinion rating has risen drastically since these negotiations and remains popular despite critics accusing him of abuse of power.

His Humanist political views likely influenced the sudden and drastic invasion of Shimmerspring, the former lands of the Deep Singers, and his re-education policies of Shimmerspring residents.

Teimuraz claims to be a devout Benacian Bovic, and attends Herds in Drakorda at least once a month. He converted as a Dozan Bovic during the Kalirion Fracture, after Nathan II proclaimed Drak-Modan to be a Bovic Kingdom. He joined the Benacian Bovic Church during the Bovinist Schism of 1676.

In spite of the controversy regarding the turn towards Draconism Davit was recognised as the Archon of an affiliated N&H National Sector Party on 11.I.1694 AN.

On 6.I.1698 AN Davit issued a press release confirming his formation of a matrimonial union compliant with Imperial Decree 865 with Farah Wren, a "triple-indent" graduate of the Dabirestân-e Pardanashin N&H Future Leadership Programme. The retinue of catamites, with which Davit had hitherto maintained his formal compliance with the tenets of Draconism, were to be retained as staff serving the newly established joint-household.

This announcement was followed thereafter by the issuance of a circular to the leadership of the Party Cadres giving formal instructions to emulate the example set by Davit and take matrimonial partners of the opposite sex from those within the Party likely to be of peak fertility.

After a disappointing period of exile as a guest of the Unified Governorates, who were no less disappointed in him, Davit Teimuraz departed Sabatini Island for Lindstrom where he was appointed to the Archonate of the newly established National Sector Party of Western Natopia.