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Tripartite indenture

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Tripartite indenture, an informal term, sometimes used derisively, to describe the condition of a person bound by bonds of debt, fealty, or obligation, to the three powerbrokers of the Raspur Pact political and economic system - these being the Honourable Company (ESB), the Nationalist & Humanist Party, and the armed forces of a member state, especially the Black Legions of the Unified Governorates or the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces. These "triple indents" are notable for becoming institutionalised from an early age. Usually, by no later than their seventh birthday, those selected for a life of service will have been enrolled into centralised residential schooling. Education and indoctrination at the central location would continue until the subject's sixteenth year in parallel with enrolment in the Young Humanists League, whereafter, if the results had been assessed as satisfactory, the subject would be entered into the N&H Vanguard Group and selected for higher education. As the Honourable Company, the N&H, and the Raspur Pact utilise the same standardised rank grades, a favoured individual may commence his career with whichever organisation has first purchased his service at the point of graduation and then transfer easily between various institutions as may be deemed necessary and or appropriate. Where an individual has been selected as a prospect for a higher leadership function, or specifically bred for the purpose as in some instances, efforts will be made to give that individual a wide variety of high profile postings and testing assignments across the spectrum of commercial, military, and political roles.

Those thus favoured may be seen as something of a "faststream" or indeed as an incipient "aristocracy of officials", thereby becoming somewhat of an object of resentment for those following the more conventional career path within one of the given organisations.

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