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Wellborn (Benacian Union)

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The "wellborn", a term used to describe children born into families where one or both partners belong to the Illustrious grades or higher of the Table of Grades and Ranks of the Benacian Union, hold an informal but advantageous position within society. While this distinction does not grant them official status, it does provide them with several benefits and opportunities.

One of the primary advantages enjoyed by the wellborn is an improved starting merit score with the Benacian Censorate. This higher starting merit score gives them an advantage when it comes to assessments and evaluations conducted by the Censorate, increasing their chances of favorable outcomes in terms of career advancement and opportunities.

Additionally, the wellborn attract the interest of prestigious programs like the Nationalist & Humanist (N&H) Future Leadership Programme. This program recognises the potential and capabilities of the wellborn and provides them with additional guidance, resources, and mentoring to further develop their leadership skills and contribute to the advancement of the Benacian Union.

Education is another area where the wellborn benefit significantly. They have a significantly greater chance of being selected for superior forms of education, such as the Bothan Institute for girls, the Humanist Institutes, and finishing schools for girls up to the age of sixteen. These institutions provide a higher quality of education, offering specialised programs and resources tailored to the needs and talents of the wellborn. Such advanced education greatly enhances their prospects and readiness for competitive examinations required to secure favorable placement within esteemed institutions like the Benacian Union Defence Force, the Honourable Company, or the cadres of the Nationalist and Humanist Party.

Due to their advantages in education and opportunities, the wellborn naturally form a predominant presence among the student body and faculty of the Benacian Academy in Chryse. Their distinguished backgrounds and exceptional education make them highly sought-after individuals within the academy, facilitating their personal and professional growth.

Whilst the wellborn enjoy these privileges, their success is not solely attributed to their birthright. They are still required to demonstrate their abilities, talents, and dedication through their own efforts and achievements. The advantages afforded to the wellborn serve as a stepping stone, giving them a head start in their journey towards success within the Benacian Union.

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