Supreme Judge of Drak-Modan

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Supreme Judge of Drak-Modan
Bovic Drak-Modan Seal.png
Coat of arms of Drak-Modan
Clara ava.png
Clara Sundara
since 1679
Style Honorable Majesty
Residence Ducal Palace, Modan Hamlet
Appointer Hereditary
Term Life, removable by unanimous vote of The Fury
Inaugural holder Clara Sundara
Formation 1679

The Supreme Judge of Drak-Modan is the head of state of the Republic of Drak-Modan. The position holds immense power by being able to review and repeal actions of The Fury and Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan. The Supreme Judge performs many ceremonial functions. The office must be held by a member of the Line of Drak. It is expected that the judgeship will remain in the Starshade of Waffel-Paine & Drak family line, which could be considered a cadet branch of the Waffel-Paine family. The Court of the Supreme Judge is held in the former ducal palace in Modan Hamlet, former seat of power of Kizzy Drakland as Queen of Malarboria and Nathan II as Duke of Modan & Malarboria.

First Family

As the first Judge, Clara Waffel-Paine & Drak has set the precedent and character of the office. She insists on modest customs followed by her family and has been careful to create the image of a dignified, stately, stoic, first-among-equals aura around her and her family. Her husband, First Gentleman Cledwyn Starshade, promotes environmentalism and serves on the boards for many non-profit organizations and businesses. Her eldest daughter, Lisa Starshade of Waffel-Paine & Drak, is the presumed heir to the Supreme Judgeship and is considered to be a prodigy. She makes frequent appearances with Clara and has been fast-tracked for early admittance to the University of Kizshire in Drakorda when she would normally start high school despite being only 9 years old.

The family is a major donor to the Benacian Bagelcratican Party.

Despite the modest public image, the First Family lives in the former ducal palace in Modan Hamlet.


While holding Court, the Supreme Judge wears an academic robe, with a purple and green hood, but no cap. When the Judge enters the courtroom she processes in from her chambers carrying a blunted sword modeled off the Sword of Fire once wielded by her grandmother, Kizzy Drakland. The model sword is displayed behind the Judge while she hears cases.