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The Humanist Reaction (1660–1665) was a response by the Nationalist & Humanist Party to being effectively out of formal power in Shireroth during the Stewardship of Mira II Octavius. The reaction, focused on preserving the N&H power base in southern Elwynn, the Imperial Forces, and the corporate sector. The reaction, fuelled by the Elwynnese Civil War and the conquest of Malarboria (subsequently renamed as Modan). The death of the Imperial Mother, a prominent leadership figure, and the second Partition of Elwynn, prompted a crisis in the N&H movement and resulted in the collapse of the affiliated Imperial Republican Party, whose Shirekeep cadres were absorbed by the Verionist Union under the leadership of Shirekeep's latest Prefect Titus Morvayne, whilst the IRP party structure was forcibly suppressed by the Prince of Modan in the lands under his jurisdiction - suspecting it to have been infiltrated by unsavoury elements.

Although the N&H had succeeded in returning the Prince of Modan to the Ministry of Military Affairs, and had crushed the Reform Society, triggering the emigration of the last safir colonists in Benacia in the process, the partition of Elwynn had fractured its party machinery in what had once been its core territory. A depleted and divided N&H Party had found itself exhausted by an electoral contest where it was outmatched by a strongly insurgent Verionist Union. Fortunately for the N&H, the Verionists had a singular talent for cultivating conflict with the Golden Order Party (GOP) of Goldshire and the Imperial Democratic Party (IDP), affording the opportunity for the N&H to remain in power by forming a supporting pillar in the new albeit informal Coalition for Prosperity, which sustained the rule of the IDP leader, the Duke of Calezi as Steward.


  1. Tainted victories: The legacy of the Auspicious Occasion and War of Lost Brothers
  2. Livian Pogroms
  3. Tensions in the Imperial Advisory Council.

Elwynnese Civil War

  1. The final battle against Ayreonism
  2. Icebears triumphant in the north
  3. Imperial Army peacekeepers deployed
  4. The loyalty of the officer corps called into question
  5. Skirmishes and stalemate
  6. A faltering republic and a fractured Elwynn
  7. The bitterest shame: Partition

Conquest of Modan

  1. Daemonic rule in Malarboria
  2. Coalition 1660
  3. Revolt in Modan Hamlet
  4. Malarboria crushed between Alalehzamin and Jadid Khaz Modan
  5. To the victor the spoils
  6. Dissatisfaction with the new order
  7. The rise of Laqi nationalism

Return to Power

  1. Purges
  2. The Steward perishes
  3. The Imperial Mother disappears from public life
  4. Arrival of the "Prince of Peace"
  5. Counter-purges: Imperial Forces and Crypteia stand-off over a facility in Raikoth

Folksraad Election