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1698 N&H Field Camp (Highpass)

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A series of field camps, exercises, and drills, performed by the vanguard cadres of several regional and national sector parties and affiliates of the Nationalist & Humanist Party in order to strengthen fraternal bonds, interoperability, and fieldcraft.


During the course of 1697 AN the performance of the N&H Vanguard Divisions in the Second Elwynnese Civil War was reviewed by delegates participating in the Congress of Chryse. Although the N&H's vanguard cadres had played an instrumental part in the destruction of the Republic of Tarrland, and had performed rear-area security duties in places such as Chryse, the Sovereign Confederation and elsewhere, the conflict had demonstrated some of the limitations of a party-political militia in rendering aid to the civil power in wartime. The tactics displayed at Station Kaamiozyr had been unimaginative, relying on human wave assaults resulting in disproportionate casualties. Units had rapidly lost cohesion when under fire, with the determination to stand and fight varying wildly according to the level of ideological commitment within the members of the cadre. Moreover the horrors of the Scouring, the nuclear exchange which had forced the conclusion of the civil war, demonstrated a need to focus on disaster emergency response drills and, to put to fine a point on it, upon the survival skills necessary to prepare the cadres to endure Endsieg.

For this reason it was decided that the training days of the Vanguard Divisions would be coordinated in order to facilitate the exchange of lessons learnt and improve coordination and standardisation of practice between the National Sector Parties.

On account of its remoteness, depopulated condition, and central location, it was determined that Highpass would be a suitable venue for an N&H Field Camp hosted by the 9th Vanguard Division, to which detachments from N&H Vanguard Groups in neighbouring National Sector Parties would be invited to participate.

Course of the manoeuvres


With the onset of the Sanaman Civil War and the collapse of Drak-Modan those volunteers who had been activated for the Field Camp in Highpass were retained on active service and deployed into the various emerging conflict zones of Southern Benacia.