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Nation: Vegno Vegno
Population: 624,024
Predominant language: Vegnian, Common Tongue

Main roads: Via Marina, Via della Patria
Major districts: Altopino, Dilemma, Bassopino

Current mayor: Ettore Kowalski (Ind.)
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Cossa is the capital city of Vegno. It is the country's most populated city with a population of 624,024 residents. Cossa is situated on a bay in central Vegno, on the shore of the Gulf of Cantor of the Strait of Pearls. The city is where the founding fathers created the nation, signing the Constitution of Vegno.

It is the seat of the main institutional bodies, such as the presidential palace, the seat of the Government and the seat of the Assemblea Nazionale.

The city has a large port and is served by the only intercontinental airport, the Aeroporto Internazionale di Cossa (VECO). Cossa is also the main financial, industrial, and cultural centre of Vegno, mainly due to its geographical position within the state.


City government

Cossa is governed by a mayor and a city council. The mayor of Cossa is elected directly by Cossa voters.

The City Council elections are based on a proportional system with preferences: for each list, the candidates with the most preferences are elected proportionally to the seats assigned to the list, with the lists supporting the elected mayor being granted around 60% of the total seats to guarantee governability.


The Millepini Beach, Cossa's greatest beach

Cossa is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Cantor.

The highest point in Cossa, at 64 m (about 200 ft) above sea level, is situated in Colle Gioioso, Altopino District, in the south-west of the city.

The city has a number of public beaches, including those at Millepini and Casone. Fresh sea breeze, soft golden sands, and the sounds of passing seagulls form an ideal combination for hot summer days in the city. Millepini is especially popular with its breathtaking views of the Old Town. People usually walk, bike or skate down the seaside pathways.


The capital has a humid continental climate with mild, rainy summers and cold, snowy winters. Winters are cold, but mild for its latitude, owing to its coastal location. During the winters, temperatures tend to hover close to freezing and snowfall is common.

Summers are mild with daytime temperatures hovering around 19.2 to 22.2 °C (66.6 to 72.0 °F) and nighttime temperatures averaging between 9.8 to 13.1 °C (49.6 to 55.6 °F). During summer, partly cloudy or clear days are common and it is the sunniest season.


The city is served by the Cossa International Airport, Vegno's chief airport, and has a large port.

Due to its location in the centre of the country, Cossa is the principal railway node for central Vegno. The city's main railway station is Ponte Nuovo.



Football is the most popular sport in Cossa, as in the rest of the country. It has the biggest Stadium of Vegno, the Sant Giuann Stadium, that hosts the home matches of the two teams of the City: the Cossa United and Cossa Perfection; the Stadium will also host the Final of the 2022 Bonfire Cup.

Association football

The city hosts the Cossa Grand Prix (Season Opener of the 2022 Season), the Gulf of Cantor Grand Prix, and the Capital of Vegno Grand Prix of the Formula Vegnese Championship, in his Cossa National Circuit, located in the suburbs of the city, and in the Cossa Street Circuit, in the main centre of the city, using the principal streets of the Capital, closing them from the normal traffic.