Dilemma Palace

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Dilemma Palace
Palazzo Dilemma
Palazzo Dilemma.jpeg
Former names Palazzo Vecchio
General information
Type Palace
Architectural style Late Baroque and Early Neoclassical
Location Cossa
Current tenants President of the Republic of Vegno
Construction started 1540 AN
Inaugurated 1706 AN
Owner Republic of Vegno
Technical details
Floor area

61,000 square metres

(657,000 sq ft)

The Dilemma Palace (Vegnian: Palazzo Dilemma [paˈlattso diˈlɛmma]) is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Vegno.


The construction of the palace was commissioned by a wealthy family of Swnndyrrr origins in 1540 AN.

In the last few years, the palace was the location of an art museum. After the birth of the republic, the Dilemma Palace became the official residence of the president.

Layout of the Palace

The palace has 5 floors, 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, 1742 windows, 34 staircases, 1026 fireplaces, a large library, and a theatre. The palace has a rectangular plan, measuring 247 × 184 m, and the four sides are connected by two orthogonal arms, forming four inner courts.

The park

The garden, a typical example of the baroque extension of formal vistas, stretches for 120 ha, partly on hilly terrain. The park starts from the back façade of the palace, flanking a long alley with artificial fountains and cascades. There is a botanical garden, called "The Haldi Garden", in the upper part.

1707 AN–present