Government of Vegno

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Vegno Government of Vegno
Vegno Coat.png
Currently Mancuso I Cabinet
Polity type Semi-Presidential Republic
Constitution Constitution of Vegno
Legislative branch
Upper house
Name Assemblea Nazionale
Presiding officer TBD, President of Assemblea Nazionale
Appointer Majority
94 / 150 (63%)
Executive branch
Head of State
Title President of the Republic
Currently Luca Zarrella (1709-in charge)
Head of Government
Title Prime Minister
Currently Shalva Mancuso
Ministries 12

The Government of the Republic Vegno is a complex body of the Italian political system, made up of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, head of the government, and of the ministers, who form the Council of Ministers, and of deputy ministers and undersecretaries; it constitutes the summit of the executive power. The Government of Vegno has its official headquarters in Dilemma Palace in Cossa.

The current government is the Mancuso I Cabinet in office since 1709 AN.


The government is the body located at the top of the state administration. Exercises the executive function together with the President of the Republic, may request the passage in the classroom of bills, issues delegated laws and decrees law ( in the forms and within the limits determined by the Constitution and ordinary laws, annually submits to the Chamber, which must approve it, the State report, raises the question of legitimacy with respect to regional laws if it considers that a regional council has exceeded its powers.


The President of the Council of Ministers is appointed by the President of the Republic after a series of consultations involving the most-voted parties in the eclections. Even the ministers, indicated by the Prime Minister, are appointed by the President of the Republic.

Having obtained the appointment, the government swears in the hands of the President of the Republic and within ten days of its formation goes to the chamber of Parliament (The Assemblea Nazionale), which, through a motivated motion and voted by roll call (called "motion of confidence"), trust him or not. The government lasts as long as it has the confidence of Parliament, for a maximum of three years.

A government takes office only provisionally with the oath: the investiture of the government becomes definitive only with the vote of confidence of the Parliament. In case of non-approval of the Chamber of a new government, and if the President of the Republic, given the situation, dissolves Parliament, the government that has not had the investiture, but has sworn, remains in office for normal administration, and it can even last more than a month if the crisis continues even after the outcome of the new elections.


  • President of the Republic
  • Prime Minister
  • Council of Ministers:
    1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    2. Ministry of the Interior
    3. Ministry of Justice
    4. Ministry of Defence
    5. Ministry of Economy and Finance
    6. Ministry of Economic Development
    7. Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policy
    8. Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea
    9. Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
    10. Ministry of Labour, Health, and Social Policy
    11. Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research
    12. Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

Chronology of Vegno Governments

Legislature President of the Republic Prime Minister Term of office Parties Election Info
Took office Left office
I Antonio Visciglia Luca Zarrella 1706 NA 1709 AN PDC, FV, PNV, PF, PPV 1706 Zarrella I Cabinet
II Luca Zarrella Shalva Mancuso 1709 AN - FV, PPV, PDC 1709 Mancuso I Cabinet