Partito Democratico Costituzionale

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Partito Democratico Costituzionale
Abbreviation PDC
Leader Antonio Visciglia
Founded 1705 AN (2022)
Headquarters Cossa, Republic of Vegno

Social Liberalism, Liberalism

(center to center-left)
Assemblea Nazionale
21 / 150

The Partito Democratico Costituzionale (PDC), known in istvanistani as Democratic Constitutional Party, is a Vegnese social liberal party founded in 1705 AN at the end of the constitutional works. The Gioventù Democratica is the youth wing of the party.


The party was born as the home of the socioliberals of Vegno, with the aim of winning the presidency in the first national elections.

At the end of the 1706 Vegno Elections, the PDC becomes part of the ruling coalition, with its leader Antonio Visciglia that was elected as president.


The party emphasizes mutual collaboration through liberal institutions, endorses a market economy and aims to insure a "positive liberty", seeking to enhance the "positive freedoms" of the poor and disadvantaged in society by means of government regulation.

The PDC supports a mixed economy of mainly private enterprise with some state provided or guaranteed public services (ex: obligatory universal health insurance, with the state paying a basic health insurance to the most poor of the society) and strongly defends human rights and civil liberties. The party is opposed to isolationism and pushes for a foreign policy that can quickly place the nation in a diplomatically dominant role on the continent.


Party leader is commonly referred as Segretario Nazionale and is elected through internal primaries. The term of office is not specified, but party members can vote a motion of no confidence against their leader at any time.

Party Leaders
Leader Period Notes
Antonio Visciglia 1705 - founder

Election results

Presidential elections

Election year Candidate First Round Second Round
Votes % Rank Votes % Rank
1706 AN Antonio Visciglia 310,548 22% 2nd 830,603 56 1st (elected)
1709 AN Antonio Visciglia 310.642 14,69% 4th N/A N/A N/A

Legislative elections

Assemblea Nazionale
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
1706 AN 290,736 (3rd) 21%
21 / 100
Antonio Visciglia
1709 AN 310.642 (4th) 13,75%
21 / 150
Antonio Visciglia