Assemblea Nazionale

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This article is for the Vegnese legislature. For the Tellian legislature, see Assembléa Nazionale.
Assemblea Nazionale
Assemblea 1716.png
Founded 1705 AN
Seats 150
Political groups

Government (77)

Opposition (73)

Voting system
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
1716 AN
Next election
1721 AN
Meeting place
Dilemma Palace

The Assemblea Nazionale is the unicameral legislature of Vegno It was established in 1705 AN following the founding of the Republic of Vegno, and, after the tenure of an interim government by the Costituent Assembly, held its first national elections in 1706 AN. Since then, it has held elections every three years without fail.

The election of the deputies provides for a proportional system, which reflects the expression of the popular will

The actual composition of the Assemblea Nazionale of Vegno in its wholeness supports the Government of Vegno.

Actual Composition

Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
Partito Nazionalista Vegnese Mickey Lange Levati Nazionalism, Militarism, Conservatorism Black
72 / 150
Partito Comunista Tito Bettella Socialism, Comunnism Dark Red
38 / 150
Forza Vegno Luca Zarrella Liberal Conservatorism, Liberalism Blue
14 / 150
Vegno Vivo Haldi Rinaldi Social Liberalism, Liberalism Purple
13 / 150
Partito Democratico Costituzionale Antonio Visciglia Social Liberalism, Liberalism Red
9 / 150
I Verdi - Peppe Freeda Peppe Freeda Ambientalism, Feminism, Eco-socialism Green
5 / 150