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Luca Zarrella

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Luca Zarrella
Zarrella in 1706 AN
President of the Republic of Vegno
In office
12.I.1709 AN – 2.XII.1716 AN
Preceded by Antonio Visciglia
Succeeded by Mickey Lange Levati
Prime Minister of Vegno
In office
2.XII.1706 AN – 2.XII.1709 AN
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Shalva Mancuso

Born 1656 AN
Mhazar, Vegno
Political party Forza Vegno (1706 AN-present)
Children Luca, Davide, Matteo
Residence Dilemma Palace, Cossa

Luca Zarrella (Mhazar, 1656 AN) is a vegnese politician and the current president of the Micras Federation of Motorsport.

He was one of the seven founding fathers who signed the Constitution of Vegno and the leader and national secretary of the political party Forza Vegno since 1705 AN. In 1706 AN he was appointed as the first ever Prime Minister of Vegno and he has been serving as President of the Republic of Vegno twice from 1709 AN to 1716 AN.

He was admitted to the Order of the Holy Lakes on 13.II.1731 AN for having "consistently shown Hurmu and the Order of the Holy Lakes, both through his premiership and presidency in Vegno and through his presidency of the Micras Federation of Motorsport which has brought invaluable investments to Hurmu through the Hurmu Grand Prix".

Early life

Zarrella was born in Mhazar in 1656 AN, only to then move to Cossa for studies, attending the University of Cossa to obtain a law degree. He worked for numerous companies, always dealing with legal tasks, but without ever managing to practice the profession of lawyer. He later found his stability when he became a manager of Rossini under the presidency of Enzo Rossini.

Political career

Luca Zarrella in a political debate on the television program Linea Politica, during the electoral campaign for the 1709 elections.

In 1705 AN, following the declaration of independence of Vegno, he personally proposed the drafting of the Constitution of Vegno. He thus becomes one of the seven Founding Fathers of Vegno and one of the signatories of the constitution.

He continued his political life in Vegno by founding the Forza Vegno political party, with a centre-right ideology, based above all on conservatism and classical liberalism. He then participated as leader and secretary of the party in the electoral campaign for the first parliamentary and presidential elections in Vegno. In the first elections he obtained 21% of the preferences in the presidential elections, therefore being eliminated in the first round. However, he was appointed as Prime Minister by the President-elect Antonio Visciglia, thus forming the first government of Vegno.

In the following two elections, however, he saw his support increase and was elected twice in a row as President of the Republic and governed for 7 years uninterruptedly alongside Shalva Mancuso as Prime Minister.

In 1716 AN he was involved together with his political allies Antonio Visciglia and Shalva Mancuso in the political scandal of 1716, from which he was however totally acquitted as he was uninvolved in the facts. After this event his popularity dropped and in the following three elections he obtained only poor results, often remaining in the opposition.

During the 1731 AN electoral campaign he announced his retirement from political life after the subsequent elections, to dedicate himself entirely to the world of motorsport.

Commitment to Motorsport

Throughout his life and career he has always shown a growing interest in the world of motorsport, little represented in Vegno and in general on Micras. During his years in government, he always pushed and approved many circuit construction projects and was personally involved in the foundation of the Vegnese Motorsport Federation. After growing international interest, he was one of the proponents of the founding of the Micras Federation of Motorsport and the creation of the international Formula Micras World Championship.

After his announcement of abandoning the political life of Vegno after the 1731 elections and with his desire to dedicate himself solely to the world of motorsport, he was officially appointed president of the Micras Federation of Motorsport.