Antonio Visciglia

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Antonio Visciglia
Antonio Visciglia.jpg
President of the Republic of Vegno
In office
2.XIII.1706 AN – 8.XXIII.1709 AN
Prime Minister Luca Zarrella
Preceded by -
Succeeded by Luca Zarrella
Born 1655, Cossa
Political Party Partito Democratico Costituzionale
Alma mater University of Sancrus

Pedro Antonio Charles Visciglia, commonly known as Antonio Visciglia (Vegnian: /antonjo viʃʃiʎʎa/), is a Vegnese politician serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs since 1709 AN. He previously served as president of Vegno from 1706 AN to 1709 AN.

He was one of the seven founding fathers who signed the Constitution and he is also the National Secretary of Partito Democratico Costituzionale since 1705 AN.

Visciglia was elected to the presidency on the second round of the 1706 presidential election.

He failed re-election in 1709 presidential elections, obtaining only the 14,69% of the preferences. At the end of the elections, the PDC joined the governing coalition together with Forza Vegno and the Vegnese People's Party and Visciglia was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs by newly elected president and former prime minister Luca Zarrella.