Forza Vegno - Lo Zar Presidente

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Forza Vegno - Lo Zar Presidente
Abbreviation FV
Leader Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella
Founded 1705 AN (2022)
Headquarters Mhazar, Republic of Vegno

Liberal Conservatism, Liberalism, Populism, Haldian Democracy

(centre-right coalition)
Assemblea Nazionale
34 / 150

The Forza Vegno - Lo Zar Presidente (FV) (transl. "Forward Vegno","Come on Vegno" or "Let's go Vegno";), is a Vegnese party founded in 1705 AN at the end of the constitutional works by Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella, one of the 7 founders and signatories of the Constitution of Vegno.

It is a centre-right political party in Vegno, whose ideology includes elements of liberal conservatism, "Haldian" Democracy and liberalism.

Election Results

1706 Vegno Elections

The results of the first Vegno elections were really satisfactory for Forza Vegno: it was the second party in the country with 23% of the preferences and seats in parliament, unfortunately having to give way to the presidential elections to the most voted Lèvati and Visciglia (for only 1 percentage point).

Assemblea Nazionale
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
1706 AN
330.359 (2nd)
23 / 100
Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella
1709 AN
569.580 (1st)
36 / 150
Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella
1714 AN
461.862 (1st)
34 / 150
Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella