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Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella
Zar in 1706 AN
President of the Republic of Vegno
In office
12.I.1709 AN – 2.XII.1716 AN
Preceded by Antonio Visciglia
Succeeded by Mickey Lange Levati
Prime Minister of Vegno
In office
2.XII.1706 AN – 1709 AN
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Shalva Mancuso

Born 1656 AN
Mhazar, Vegno
Political party Forza Vegno
Residence Palazzo Vegno, Cossa

Luca "Lo Zar" Zarrella, commonly known as Lo Zar is a Vegnese politician who has been serving as Prime Minister of Vegno since 3.XIII.1706 AN.

He was one of the seven founding fathers who signed the Constitution and he is also the National Secretary of Forza Vegno since 1705 AN.

Lo Zar was chosen by the President of the Republic Visciglia as Prime Minister and to form the First Government of Vegno.

He was elected in 1709 Vegno Elections as President of Vegno and created a government with PDC and PPV, with Shalva Mancuso as Prime Minister.