Partito Nazionalista Vegnese

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The Partito Nazionalista Vegnese (PNV) ("Vegnese Nationalist Party"), is a Vegnese party founded in eary 1706 AN at the end of the constitutional works and early before the first Vegno Elections of 1706 AN by Michelangelo Lèvati, one of the 7 founders and signatories of the Constitution of Vegno, and candidates to the Presidency of the Republic.

It is a quite estremist political party in Vegno, whose ideology includes elements of Nationalism, Conservatorism and Identitarism

Partito Nazionalista Vegnese
Abbreviation PNV
Leader Michelangelo Lèvati
Founded 1705 AN (2022)
Headquarters Cossa, Vegno

Nationalism, Conservatorism,

Assemblea Nazionale
30 / 150

Election Results

Assemblea Nazionale
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
1706 AN
425.951 (1st)
30 / 100
Michelangelo Lèvati
1709 AN
464.395 (3rd)
30 / 150
Michelangelo Lèvati