Partito Indipendentista Vegnese

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Partito Indipendentista Vegnese
Abbreviation PIV
Leader Lewis Newhouse
Founded 1709 AN (2022)
Headquarters Villamagna, Republic of Vegno
Ideology Liberalism, Populism,
Assemblea Nazionale
1 / 100

The Partito Indipendentista Vegnese (PIV) (transl. "Independence Vegnese Party";), is a Vegnese party founded in 1709 AN before the 1709 Vegno Elections, by a a group of citizens of Villamagna, leaded by Lewis Newhouse, to become part of the Vegnese political life and express the will of a small part of the population of the internal territories to return independent, in opposition to the 1707 Vegno Annexation Referendum.

It is a centre political party in Vegno, whose ideology includes elements of lliberalism and populism.

Election Results