Thraci language

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Spoken natively in Thracistan Thracistan
Language family

Constructed languages

  • Thraci
Writing system Latin
Source Turkish
Official language in Thracistan Thracistan,Antakia Antakia
MOS-9 codes ta

Thraci is the primary language spoken in Thracistan. Many of its words come from Birgesh. Thraci is similar to the Turkish language.

Thraci alphabet

Upper case Lower case
A a
B b
C c
Ç ç
D d
E e
F f
G g
Ğ ğ
H h
I ı
İ i
J j
K k
L l
M m
N n
O o
Ö ö
P p
R r
S s
T t
U u
Ü ü
V v
Y y
Z z