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Cibola Command

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Cibola Command
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Active: 1661–the present
In use by: Raspur Pact Raspur Pact

Type: Command
Size: 176,400

Current Commander: Demetrius Hummock
Conflicts & Deployments

A theatre command established within the Raspur Pact on the home continent of the alliance's former member, Alexandria, in the aftermath of that empire's downfall as a consequence of a virulent global pandemic. Following the collapse of Alexandria, large portions of the surviving troops and equipment from the Alexandrian military defected to Natopia (following the flight of the House of Carrillo to Dos Gardenia) and Constancia (following the flight of Primo de Aguilar to Nivardom).

Following the collapse of Alexandria the Command mostly concerned itself with the defence and security of the Two Martyrs (formerly Walstadt) and any allied units transiting the theatre of operations.

In 1675 a Northern Banner Group was established to facilitate the operations of Combined Joint Task Force 1675-1, a naval force assembled by the Black Legions of the Unified Governorates and the Natopian Defense Force assigned to conduct maritime security missions along the coast of Northern Cibola in the aftermath of the collapse of Saint-Antoine.

The command was reorganised in 1679 following the settlement of former Alexandrian territories by the new colonial demesne known as the Waffel Plains, and began to receive a steady stream of reinforcements following the withdrawal of Natopian garrisons from Normark and their replacement by Elwynnese forces.


General overview of the Banner Group structure of Cibola Command during the Lanzerwaldian-Whaler War.

Order of Battle