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New Blackstone

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Governorate of New Blackstone
New Blackstone.png
Subdivision Type: Governorate
Capital: Zitadelle Nuï Sartfals
Largest Cities: Poldhu

Local Leadership Title: Commissioner
Local Government: Military Government
Current leader: Donald William Brasenose

Local language: Istvanistani, Praeta, Ænglisc, Batavian
Local Religion: Holodomatic Cedrozurvanism

The Governorate of New Blackstone comprises of three islands within the Madison Isles. Annexed to Shireroth in 1655 following the Caldera event. Notable for serving as a base of operations for Sea-Reavers.



Year Citizens Denizens Loyal Subjects Community Servitors Protected Persons Total
1656 810 75,865 199,982 157,735 n/a 434,392
1664 8,076 205,027 305,395 180,563 610,455 1,309,516
1669 11,831 522,349 228,869 115,900 104,366 983,316
Year Citizens Protected Persons Total
1673 778,309 55,067 833,376
1696 923,230 60,086 983,316
1704 1,034,017 93,734 1,127,751
Year Meritorious Subjects Subjects Without Merit Protected Persons Total
1712 231,619 926,480 105,919 1,032,630

It should be noted that the majority of citizens and protected persons registered to New Blackstone spend their lives at sea aboard the trawlers, factory ships, hospitality platforms, seasteads, and logistic support vessels registered to the Governorate.