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Benacian sovereign

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Benacian sovereign
Benacian sovereign Symbol.png
Code BUS
112 Marks
1240 Chits
Symbol ß
Nickname Gilt Script
Banknotes 12 marks, 60 marks, 240 marks, 500 marks, 1,000 marks
1 chit, 5 chits, 20 chits, 60 chits, 160 chits, 240 chits
Coins ß1
User(s) Benacian Union Benacian Union
Pegged with ß1 = 1kgr

The Benacian sovereign is an occupation currency originally circulated in the Unified Governorates of Benacia which has extended its use to the wider Benacian Union. Based upon a gold-standard, which is comprised of marks and chits in various denominations, whose sole coin - the eponymous Sovereign is an overstrike of those Kalgarrands received in yearly tribute from Kalgachia following the Treaty of Gloomburg which terminated the Inner Benacian Conflict.

While the paper promissory notes are in general circulation and the Sovereign (12 marks or 240 chits) is given as unit of exchange in everyday transactions, the coin itself is strictly reserved to the Command Executive to the extent that the only occasion that a citizen of the UGB can reasonably expect to be in receipt of a gold Benacian sovereign is on the occasion of his commissioning into the Black Legions.