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Treaty of Gloomburg

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The Treaty of Gloomburg, ratified on 7.X.1681, ended the Inner Benacian Conflict between the Raspur Pact and the Kalgachi alliance. It resulted in the annexation of the Republic of Inner Benacia by the Unified Governorates of Benacia, the establishment of a condominium over Lepidopterum, the Upland Confederation and Northbloom between Kalgachia and the Unified Governorates, as well as an effective informal protectorate over Kalgachia proper, including Lapivril. Radio broadcasts over Kalgachia by the long lost Yastrebs lent legitimacy to the treaty.

Kalgachi contributions to the maintenance, upkeep, and development, of the Inner Benacian condominium was subsequently assessed by Benacia Command as amounting to 22,508 kgr per annum. The collection and allocation of these sums in due course necessitating the appointment of a Legatine Commissioner to serve as resident in Oktavyan.