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System type Medium to long range air defence system
Place of origin Sanama Sanama
Introduced 1680 AN
Number built TBD
Designed 1678–1679 AN
Manufacturer Sanama Arms Industries
Crew 3
Length 10.3 m (chassis cab)
Width 2.5 m
Height 3.3 m (cab, unladen)
Weight 54,500 kg
Engine Faca 10.5 liter Diesel I6, 440 hp
Main armament 4 CUTLASS missiles
Operational range 483 km
Speed 100 km/h
Engagement range 160 km
  • Mass: 700 kg
  • Length: 5.8 m
  • Diameter: 410 mm
  • Max. speed: 3,390 km/h
  • Warhead: 90 kg high explosive blast/fragmentation, two layers of pre-formed fragments, proximity fuze
Sensors and systems
  • AESA seeker
  • Integration with mobile AESA radar and theatre information network

The SAI CUTLASS is a medium to long range air defence system built by Sanama Arms Industries and introduced in the Sanaman Army in 1680. The system has additionally been introduced into service with the Black Legions, the Constancian Imperial Guard, and the Maritime Armada of the Raspur Pact.