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Legatine College for Military and Naval Affairs

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The Legatine College for Military and Naval Affairs, is a public corporate body of the Benacian Union, subordinate to the Commission for War, which is responsible for all matters of administration and procurement for the Benacian Union Defence Force and the myriads of associated auxiliary forces.

The Legatine College comprises, as may be surmised, of legatine commission-holders appointed by the Commissioner for War, under the presidency of the Civil Legate for Military and Naval Affairs, whose appointment is mandated by the Union Charter.

Entities subordinated to the Legatine College include the Board of Ordnance, Central Armoured Directorate, Main Directorate for Reconnaissance, and the Naval Construction Office. Each entity is represented by a subordinate civil legate on the Board of Control of the Legatine College.

Additionally, under Article 36 of the Charter, the Civil Legate for Military and Maritime Affairs has "in the various member Realms, tribunal delegates directly subordinate to themselves". This has been understood as empowering the Civil Legate to appoint civil tribunes as representatives of the Legatine College throughout the realms of the Union-State, resulting in the establishment of representative offices in Ardashirshahr, Chryse, Goldfield, Merensk, and Underwall.

As a public service of the Union-State, commission-holders and servants of the Legatine College are required to hold a substantial grade within one of the N&H national sector parties of the Union-State or the ruling party of Ransenar.