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Benacian Data Network

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Another contented user sat in front of her GleamCo BDN work station terminal. All inputs logged and stored for cross-reference purposes, for the safety and comfort of all.

The integrated information and communication system of the Benacian Union, combining Panopticon security protocols, forced incompatibility with external systems, end to end user accountability, and the strict partitioning of data, builds upon legacy Elwynnese and Shirerithian systems to provide a universal platform that supplants newspapers, radio, film, and television, whilst rendering a decentralised internet impossible to establish within Benacian Union territory.

Controlled by the Legatine College for Data Services, the Benacian Data Network is ultimately subordinated to the Commission for War, although it partners closely with the Commission for the Panopticon for the purposes of ensuring the compartmentalisation of secure information and the close monitoring of user behaviours.

Since the early 1720s after Norton, the majority of work terminals and viewscreens connected to the BDN have been manufactured by GleamCo.