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1699 Edict Concerning Permissible Languages in the Benacian Union

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The Edict Concerning Permissible Languages in the Benacian Union was passed by the Congress of Chryse on 17.III.1699 AN, receiving the assent of the High Presidium of the Benacian Union on the same day. The Edict was promulgated on 20.III.1699 AN through publication in the first edition of the Gazette of the Chryse Chronicle.

Purpose of the Edict

Detailing which languages were permitted to remain in use within the territories of the Benacian Union for official purposes, which were to be tolerated, and which were to be wholly eradicated by 1715 AN.

Schedule 1: Official Languages

Schedule 2: Tolerated Languages

  • Agnesian
  • Ashkenatzi (secular usage)
  • Babkhi (secular usage)
  • Elw (secular usage)
  • Laqs (entered via amendment 1716 AN)
  • Mishalanese
  • Norse
  • Suthric (entered via amendment 1703 AN)
  • Tapferite
  • Wintergleamish (entered via amendment 1703 AN)

Schedule 2.1. Tolerated in the Special Autonomous Region of Cimmeria and Raikoth

Amendnent made in 1716 AN

  • Cimmerian
  • Kadhamic
  • Kalasperin

Schedule 3: Prohibited Languages