New Natopia

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Province of New Natopia
Flag of Waffel Plains
Coat of Arms of Waffel Plains
Coat of Arms
Location of Waffel Plains
Map versions 16.6.6 - present
Capital Paine City
Largest city Sileni, Ayreon's Bay, Luix-Satyria
Official language(s) Natspeak
Official religion(s) n/a
Demonym New Natopians (Provincials)
 - Adjective New Natopian
Government Chancellorial province
 - Provincial Chancellor Bernard Kayyk
 - Legislature Board of Coordinators
Establishment 1685
 - Ranked {{{agerank}}}
Abbreviation NNA

The Province of New Natopia is a demesne of Natopia, formed by merging the Colony of Waffel Plains and the island of Mar Sara after Two Martyrs separated from Mar Sara. It is indirectly ruled by the Chancellor of Natopia. The Chancellor serves as Presient of SATCo, which governs Waffel Plains as a colony and the Chancellor rules Mar Sara via an Order-in-Council that established a heavy presence of Imperial forces and agencies, such as the Natopian Defense Force and Natopian Security Forces.

The residents of New Natopia are expected to form a constitutional convention in 1686 to determine the future structure of their government.