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West Tapfer Federation

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West Tapfer Federation
[[|125px|Flag of West Tapfer|frameless]]
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of West Tapfer|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
Motto: May you live in interesting times
Location of West Tapfer
Map versions 16.2.5 - present
Capital Riashil, Cape Cran
Largest city Riashil
Official language(s) Natspeak, Classical Âirumâli
Official religion(s) Christianity, Bovinism, Ilathnarism
Demonym West Tapferite
 - Adjective West Tapferite
Government Federation
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 - Holy Arbitress and President Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra
 - Legislature none
Establishment 11 Konil 1663
 - Ranked {{{agerank}}}
Abbreviation WTF

The West Tapfer Federation is a demesne consisting of the regions of Massat and Opaeghia. It was established following the Vanic expulsion in the Uppheaval. It is an economically significant and resource-rich region, as the West Bay Dockyards are located here. The West Tapfer Initiative, an investment program begun by SATCo under former Chancellor Clara Sundara, undertook an aggressive campaign of defroyalanization, construction of iron mines in Mt. Dracon, ecologically responsible timber harvesting, and subsidies to farmers to begin extensive breeding of pack animals for export. The rapid modernization and resource extraction of the initiative was well received by residents of the Federation, which had languished under an exceedingly lavish feudal kingdom. The port facilities of Vastra were expanded into a commercial port to accommodate the greater amount of raw material shipped out of Massat and down the Egale River.