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Lesser Frenzy

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The Lesser Frenzy of the Bovic Empire
Coat of Arms of the Lesser Frenzy
Lower chamber of the Frenzy
Term limits
Four years
Founded 1685
Preceded by Imperial Conference
New session started
Ernesto de la Cruz, UDM
since 1672
Aristarchos Butterbull, UDM
since 1686
Seats 709
Political groups
Committees 18
Peace Through Talking
Meeting place
Lesser Frenzy Chamber, Frenzy Dome, Lindstrom

The Lesser Frenzy of the Bovic Empire is the lower house of the Frenzy; the Greater Frenzy is the upper house. Together they compose the national bicameral legislature of Natopia. The Lesser Frenzy meets in the Frenzy Dome, in Lindstrom.

The composition of the Lesser Frenzy is established in Chapter XVI of the Caprine Code. The members of the Lesser Frenzy serve four-year terms representing the people of their demesne, elected by a mixture of systems according to local law. Lesser Frenzy representatives are apportioned to demesnes by population using census data and according to a formula defined in the Caprine Code. Since its inception in 1686, all representatives have been directly elected. The number of voting representatives is fixed by law at 709. As of the 1686 session, the largest delegation is that of Dos Gardenias, with 273 representatives. Two Martyrs, the least populous demesne, has five Representatives.

The presiding officer is the President of the Lesser Frenzy, who is elected by the members thereof (and is therefore traditionally the leader of the controlling party or coalition of parties). According to the Natopian Constitution, the Chancellor of Natopia also presides over the entire Frenzy, although in practice the Chancellor leaves their parliamentary duties to the President and the Speaker of the Frenzy, respectively.

The Emperor is responsible for formally opening and dissolving sessions of the Lesser Frenzy according to the law. The Emperor presides over the first meeting of each session in order to elect a new President.

Current composition and elections results

Party Abbr. Seats Ideology
Free Juice and Bagels Party FJBP
231 / 709
Lindstromism, Progressivism, Monarchism, Pro-Raspur,
Nationalist & Humanist Party N&H
31 / 709
Ascensionism, Benacian confederalism, Conservatism, Corporatism, Human supremacism, Khanism, Mercantilism
Union Democratic Movement UDP
218 / 709
Liberalism, Economic liberalism, Social liberalism, Centrism, Pro-Raspur, Cosmopolitanism
Tapferite Supremacist Party TSP
13 / 709
Far alt-right, xenophobia, racism.
Workers' Parties United WPU
17 / 709
Far left, communism, socialism.
Parti Alexandrien PA
16 / 709
Alexandrian interest party.
Democratic Party of Kujirashi DPK
1 / 709
Association of Whalers and Fishermen of Walstadt and Light AWFWL
1 / 709
Strong labor rights, social conservative.
Independents I
80 / 709
Vacancies n/a
101 / 709