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Greater Frenzy

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The Greater Frenzy of the Bovic Empire
Coat of Arms of the Frenzy
Upper chamber of the Frenzy
Term limits
12 years
Founded 1494
Preceded by Frenzy
New session started
Ernesto de la Cruz, UDM
since 1672
Tinker Sprocket, Independent
since 1645
Seats 96
Political groups
Committees 13
Last election
Next election
Peace Through Talking
Meeting place
Greater Frenzy Chamber, Frenzy Dome, Lindstrom

The Greater Frenzy of the Bovic Empire is the upper chamber of the Frenzy, which, along with the Lesser Frenzy—the lower chamber—constitutes the legislature of Natopia. The Greater Frenzy chamber is located in the Frenzy Dome in Lindstrom.

The division of the Frenzy into upper and lower chambers is established by Article Three of the Natopian Constitution. The composition and powers of the Greater Frenzy is established in Chapter II of the Caprine Code. The Greater Frenzy is composed of senators, each of whom represents a single demesne in its entirety (e.g. Arboria), a region of a demesne (e.g. Flaventia), or the capital city. Each demesne, regardless of its population size, is equally represented by twelve senators who serve terms of twelve years. There being at present seven demesnes in the Bovic Empire, plus the capital, there are currently 96 senators. Senators can be appointed by the governments of the demesnes they represent or elected by the people of the demesne they represent, according to local demesne law.

The Greater Frenzy is widely considered both a more deliberative and more prestigious body than the Lesser Frenzy due to its longer terms, smaller size, and larger constituencies. The presiding officer of the Greater Frenzy is the Chancellor of Natopia. In the chancellor's absence, the Speaker of the Frenzy, who is appointed by the Chancellor, presides over the Greater Frenzy.

Current composition and elections results

Party Abbr. Seats
Free Juice and Bagels Party FJBP
33 / 96
Nationalist & Humanist Party N&H
3 / 96
Union Democratic Movement UDM
27 / 96
Workers' Parties United WPU
2 / 96
Democratic Party of Kujirashi DPK
1 / 96
Independents I
27 / 96
Tapferite Supremacist Party TSP
3 / 96